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Dorothy Copeland

I enjoyed shopping there. They have interesting items for yourself and gift for others.


John T. Guthrie

My son and I had been looking for a Christmas present for my wife when he saw this store and remembered that she was wanting some gourmet vinegar and olive oils. So we went in and saw that we could get something here.

The first thing we noticed was the selection of balsamic kinds of vinegar. There were a few varieties that we knew my wife would like, including one we hadn't seen around for several years, dark chocolate balsamic vinegar. (It's really worth trying if you've never tried it.) Of course, they had sampling bottles and cups so that you could try out the different varieties by themselves. But then the owner came by and started making some mixtures of oil and vinegar for us in the sampling cups so that we could try the different combinations. In the end, we settled on lemon olive oil, which smelled lovely, and the dark chocolate vinegar, which tasted amazing. And we were able to get a gift package for them as well.

All of the staff were extremely helpful. And the owner was quite knowledgeable and in addition to having a good sense for which vinegar and oils went together, he also had a good idea of which foods the individual oils and vinegar could work well with. We were extremely pleased with our purchase.


Samantha Woodfork

It was my first time going in and I had a wonderful experience! I was buying a gift and I was able to make my own tasting gift set with oils and vinegar I was able to taste. Brooke was amazing with her suggestions and I will definitely be back for myself in the near future.


Shannon Citro

So many options! The tiny bottles are great for taking a few homes to test out before committing to a large bottle. There's something for everyone with the sheer variety of oils and vinegar!

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