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About Pure Olive Oils

Olive oil is the pure, fresh pressed juice of the olive.  It can have a range of flavors, varying from mild and buttery to fruity and grassy, to bigger and pungent.  It all depends on the types of olives uses, the growing conditions, the chemistry of the olive oil and the processing methods.

A lot of "olive oil" sold in supermarkets is actually blended with lower grade oils, or even worse, very low quality olive oil that is chemically treated.  Not all olive oil is Extra Virgin (pure juice of the olive), First Press (olives are pressed only one time to make the oil) or Cold Pressed (processed at a cool temperature to preserve the chemistry and flavor of the olive).

At Terra, we sell only Ultra Premium Olive Oil that exceeds world standards for olive oil quality. 

We sell only Extra Virgin, First Press, Cold Pressed Olive Oil - the freshest and finest quality available in the world today.

We source from a network of the best producers around the world.  Many of our olive oils are international award winners!

Most importantly, each of our varietal olive oil comes to us with a full chemical analysis from an independent laboratory to back up the product quality.  Our varietal olive oils must exceed the strictest international standards.

What do we look for in an Ultra Pure / Ultra Premium Olive Oil?

  • Polyphenols are healthful anti-oxidant substances in olive oil which aid in slowing down the natural oxidative processes.  Phenolic content decreases over time and is an indicator of freshness, with higher amounts improving shelf-life and oxidative stability.

  • Oleic Acids are the major fatty acid in olive oil triacylglycerols is Oleic acid making up 55 to 85% of olive oil.  The higher the oleic acid monounsaturated fat content translates to increased durability and shelf-life.

  • Diacylglycerols (DAGs) are a strong indicator of the fruit quality at the time of pressing and act as a snapshot of olive oil freshness and authenticity.  Fresh olive oil has a much higher proportion of 1,2-diacylglycerols to total diacylglycerols while olive oil extracted from poor quality fruits and refined oils have a higher level of 1,3-diacylglycerols.  

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