Arbosana 60ml


Organic California Arbosana EVOO IOG591

Country of Origin: USA

Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment FRUITINESS 5.0/10 BITTERNESS 2.0/10 PUNGENCY 2.5/10


Mild Intensity TASTING NOTES Our Early Harvest Organic Certified California Arbosana is the most delicate extra virgin olive oil from Northern Hemisphere collection and displays notes of bright olive & almond. A pleasantly rich, well balanced oil with a creamy mouth feel. This Arbosana has a wide appeal!

High smoke point due to low FFA below: *Biophenols: 306.3 ppm FFA: 0.10 Oleic Acid: 73.3 Peroxide: 7.0 DAGs: 94.6 *PPP: <1.2 *As measured at the time of crush


Organoleptic Taste Panel Assessment

                     FRUITINESS    5.0

                     BITTERNESS   3.5

                         PUNGENCY      4.0

Arbosana 60ml


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